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Apartment management’s response to FOX23 stories leaves renters with more questions – FOX23 News

TULSA, Okla. – After FOX23 aired multiple stories about residents of an apartment complex north of Tulsa claiming their landlord was keeping their apartments in unlivable conditions, management finally provided a response.

“He’s just crazy,” said Bradford Apartments resident Lamonn Anderson.

Anderson showed FOX23 around his apartment two weeks after part of his bedroom ceiling collapsed on top of him as he slept, flooding his apartment.

“Next thing I know…Boom,” Anderson said.

Anderson said he had informed management of issues with his leaky ceiling since moving in last July.

FOX23 also told you about a resident who says the condition of her apartment continues to deteriorate. She sent us pictures of her damages to the ceilings, walls, bathroom and air conditioning which she says have not been repaired for months despite requests.

“Every time we take a shower or turn on the water, a tile falls out,” the tenant said.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development records indicate that the complex at 550 E 32nd Street North is a government-subsidized housing complex.

HUD details on its website how he uses taxpayers’ money in the complex.

“Subsidized housing is housing in which a tenant pays approximately 30% of their income adjusted for rent and utilities,” the agency’s website states. “HUD then pays the difference between the tenant’s rent contribution and the total rent that is paid to the building owner.”

Anderson and the other Bradford tenant – who did not want his identity revealed for fear of reprisal – tell FOX23 they are worried about their health after living in damaged apartments for so long.

“They sent two groups of people to look at it,” the anonymous tenant said. “A guy told me there was black mold behind the wall.”

“I had to spray some Lysol because I feel like…with all this debris and stuff, I slowly inhaled this stuff,” Anderson said.

FOX23 wanted to know if management believed these apartments were in safe conditions.

We went to the rental desk and were quickly told we weren’t welcome.

“You just have to leave the property,” the employee behind the desk told us.

The group responsible for managing Bradford Apartments is a Texas-based company called Eureka Multifamily. Their website shows that they run resorts all over the country. On their website, they claim their goal is to take over once “under-managed” properties and turn them into “housing any working family would be proud to call home.”

FOX23 has asked for a comment. It was only after the most recent story aired that a spokesperson for Eureka sent us the following statement:

“The roof issues were reported and we entered into a contract several weeks ago to have the roof repaired. Supply chain and weather issues have delayed the completion of the work. We are within the time to complete the work this week.

In the meantime, the management of the apartment complex has offered tenants the option of moving to another unit without roof leaks. All but two of the tenants accepted moving assistance. Management also offered temporary relocation to a hotel if another unit was not of interest to our affected residents. – Tunya Logan, Property Manager

But Anderson and the other resident tell FOX23 that’s not how they remember things at all.

“That’s not true,” the anonymous tenant said.

In her case, she says she still hasn’t been offered alternative accommodation, but she sent photos showing ongoing repairs to her tub, which she says only happened once our story. broadcast. As of Easter Sunday, her bathtub was still not in perfect working order.

In Anderson’s case, he says he wasn’t offered any other place to stay until the day after our second story about the resort aired.

Residents say they want more answers to their questions. A tall Anderson says he wants to know: Do the fibers he inhaled after his ceiling fell contain asbestos?

FOX23 reached out to Eureka in hopes of setting up an on-camera interview to give them a chance to answer this and other questions we posed via email.

“We have no further comment,” a Eureka spokesperson replied.