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Medieval Dynasty: 10 tips for managing villagers

One of the most important parts of medieval dynasty built this dynasty, this village and the people who are part of it. The game offers great freedom, from customization to managing the lives of recruited townspeople.

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All villagers need housing, food, water and firewood. They can survive without having a job, but they really make things easier for the player if they are there to help. While most of the information can be found in the Knowledge tab, some things are a little hard to find or remember. This is especially true with active game updates, tweaks, and patches.

ten Villagers wandering around a fire are the only ones who can be recruited

Medieval Dynasty Inspection mode showing the stats of three potential recruits from wandering villagers around the campfire in Gostovia

Previously, some of the regular villagers could be wooed, but this started to bring up some issues in the generations. These days, the only ones who can be wooed or recruited are villagers sitting around the campfire in pre-made settlements. They have small human-shaped icons next to their name and will display their stats in inspect mode.

Additionally, any female character recruited from the player’s village can be courted, unless they marry a male character they are housed with. There is a secret affection meter for NPCs who love each other and then have babies, but the player can see the affection on courtable women just by talking to them.

9 Same-sex villagers cannot be housed together

Medieval dynasty huntress leaning against the wall with a lumberjack lady seen working through the window

Houses are basically the way to tell the game to produce children, so unfortunately it’s not possible to house same-sex adults together initially. Once they have children, they will remain in the same house until eventually reassigned once they turn 18. If their parents are young enough, once a bed is free, they might have a secret baby meter high enough to take out another child. They can have as many children as there are beds available, so up to two living with them at a time.

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Siblings cannot be reassigned to the same house for the same reason same-sex couples cannot. They can’t have children together and that’s basically what a house is for. Also, there are no more beds in a tier three house than there are in a tier two house, so pick the one that’s most aesthetically pleasing or workable for the villagers.

8 Mood and Affection Only Matter When Very Low

Medieval dynasty woman holding a baby next to a bed

Mood is a mechanic that doesn’t affect much and only really matters at -100. If he reaches this low level, the villager will leave with his family. Giving them well-insulated homes, meeting their needs, assigning them to favorite jobs, letting them reach level 10 in that job, and allowing them to have families will boost the mood, as will certain random events during the change of season.

Affection is a mechanic that the player character’s wife gets. If it reaches 0%, she will leave, taking the heir with her. The heir is the ability for the player to continue playing once the player dies, so keeping the wife happy is very important. Luckily, this is easily accomplished by talking to him frequently and giving him a gift once per season.

7 Farmers are the only ones who need to live near their place of work

Medieval dynasty farmers working in the fields

Villagers can be housed and assigned to work on opposite sides of the map if the player wishes and this will not affect production. They don’t need to be physically present or even do the animations to produce. However, like most things, there is an exception to this rule. Farmers have to physically go to the farms and perform the tasks, which wastes their time when they are just walking. Keeping their houses close to the fields and the barn allows them to do everything. Otherwise, they will rely heavily on the player.

6 Villagers will draw supplies of resources and food

Medieval dynasty lumberjack working in winter

Villagers can pull storage buildings in order to meet their needs or perform their work, as long as those things are placed in the correct storage building. They can also automatically fire from their chests and will fire from those first before dropping back into storage buildings. Therefore, if the player wants to get into micromanagement or role-playing, they can put resources directly into the chests the villagers are working from.

An additional and cute note is that some workplaces like the Woodshed will have visual differences depending on how much stuff is in their chest. They get a whole bunch of logs stacked on the side which will change depending on how full the chest is, even if it’s not full of logs.

5 Children can have better stats than wandering villagers

Medieval dynasty kids interacting

It can be tempting to have villagers of only one sex to avoid mothers taking two years off after giving birth. However, letting them have children not only boosts their mood, but can also result in better villagers to work with once the children grow up. This is because children are assigned their stats based on the average of their parents. Wandering villagers can only have a maximum of three in any skill, but as they work they will increase those skills.

Therefore, it is possible to spawn a child with exceptionally high stats, allowing the next generation to start off a step ahead of their predecessors and not hampering the production lines. This also counts for the player’s heir, who will inherit a good portion of their stats.

4 The temperature must be constantly monitored

Medieval dynasty triple waterfall near Gostovia in winter

Temperature is a fairly normal mechanic in survival games. Fortunately, since medieval dynasty tries to be more comfortable, it is an easily manageable mechanic. Like many survival games, clothing helps regulate temperature, although there is also a potion to help. Carrying a torch in the winter is enough to survive most of the time, but if it’s snowing, an extra campfire or warm clothes are ideal. Summer is hot and can be fought easily with clothes.

Certain events can also temporarily adjust the temperature of the season, such as making summers hotter and thus draining stamina and thirst faster. Also, villagers’ wood needs increase in winter and decrease in summer, so that’s something else to keep in mind.

3 Dynasty reputation helps recruit more villagers

Medieval Dynasty Tons of villagers trying to get through a door blocked by a child

Dynasty Reputation is a small number that appears each time the player completes a quest. It’s how the player is perceived across the valley and it doesn’t really matter in the long run. There are, however, two exceptions.

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If the reputation of the dynasty becomes significantly negative, the player will be forced to leave the valley, ending the game. The second is that a high reputation is needed to recruit many villagers. It’s less important on default settings than the one with a higher build limit, but it still kicks in when trying to recruit new villagers from a campfire.

2 Villagers can marry within 20 years of age difference

Medieval dynasty Man with child

Villagers need to be housed to prevent their mood from deteriorating to the point of leaving the village. Any house can have a pair of people inside. However, they can only marry if they are under 20, contrary to the 10-year player restriction.

With luck and an early marriage, a couple can produce more than the standard two children if their children are moved out in time. If the couple is too far apart in age, they will never have children, so it’s a safe bet if we want to avoid giving away individual houses to avoid a baby boom.

1 They will use player-created seats

Medieval dynasty sitting with villagers around a campfire

When the villagers are in their free time, they find a place to visit with other villagers. Sometimes it’s just a matter of standing like they’re talking to each other, but other times they’ll be looking for a seat. This includes seats that the player has dropped as long as they are in their path.

It can be near their house or somewhere else, like the tavern or a small square. It just has to be somewhere around where they hang out, like between their home and their place of work. It doesn’t do much, but it’s nice to make the village livelier.

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